2010 Activity Report

Message from John Arthur – Chair of Trustees
Aboriginal disadvantage is not different to disadvantage in the non indigenous community, but it is often more extreme. I recently read of the model for progress in Cape York referred to as the staircase model. The stairs are built on a foundation of social norms, which are being re-built in Aboriginal Communities. The structures underpinning the stairs are investment in capabilities: investment in health, education and infrastructure. The stairs that individuals climb are shaped by the incentives offered, but each rung on the stairs must be climbed by the individual human beings. There is no mass elevator for entire communities and we need to understand the importance of individuals, families and communities taking charge of their lives. To accelerate Reconciliation and the transformation of Aboriginal Communities to one where Community members are able to take charge of their affairs, will require the education of the many thousands of Aboriginal students. Education is the means to empowering Aboriginal people to achieve better outcomes and in turn, much needed social change. The education of the many Aboriginal children, assisted by The Foundation, it has an important role in this transition process which will continue to evolve over time. The continuing support of our Partners, donors and supporters is essential and is immensely appreciated.

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