Activity Report 2011/2012

Each year, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children assisted by the Foundation continues to grow with 600 students receiving grants in 2012, totalling $339,000.This exemplifies just how great the need is.

The horizon for addressing the entrenched educational disadvantage being experienced by Aboriginal families is brightening with the recently published Gonski Report into Schools Funding identifying the need to provide increased Government funding to schools that experience low socio-economic status and Aboriginal background. However the implementation of Gonski is tardy. Currently, the Government lacks the funds to implement, so Aboriginal families will still need the assistance that the Foundation provides. With the increase in the number of Aboriginal students seeking help, the capacity of the Foundation to continue funding at current levels will be stretched.

The generous support of our many donors is truly appreciated by the Aboriginal Community.The joy the families experience when their children want to go to school, want to learn, want to participate in school activities and particularly when success is achieved, whether it be in the class room or on the playing fields, is a satisfying reward for all concerned. The vision that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children can be as capable as any child is achievable, if given the right opportunity, and education is that opportunity.

Download the OTDF Activity Report 2011/2012 (Adobe PDF)

John Arthur OAM – Chair

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