Activity Report 2012/2013

It has been another successful year as we continue to grow and support even more students and families. We are now in our 12th year of operation and as you will see from the Activity Report we have been extremely busy. Over the years, we have developed a very close relationship with many of our families and have been privileged to share joys and sorrows with them.

You can learn more about in our 2012/13 Activity Report.

There have been some tragedies which have impacted deeply on families, but we are always in awe of the strength and determination of these families to continue to strive for excellence. We salute them and thank you sincerely for your contribution which enables us to support them, especially in times of great need.

On a very positive note, our students are going from strength to strength. They are making a big impact in their schools and in many cases in the broader community. Families often tell us that their children are doing so well because they feel really good about themselves. Uniform costs are always high, and it is important to realize that each student needs three uniforms – summer, winter and sports. The cost for families with a number children can be daunting, especially if they are on a single income or unemployment benefits.

First Australian families are confident to encourage and support their children to work hard to complete their secondary education, knowing that the Foundation will be with them from Prep to Yr 12. Your generous support has been critical in making this a reality and in this edition we include some creative examples of fund raising undertaken by some of you.

Our future is bright because of the courage, talent, intellect and hard work of the ‘Strong and Smart’ First Australian students we support. We hope you enjoy the pictures painted by comments from families and the students themselves.

Our future is only assured because of the wonderful generosity of people such as yourselves. Your contribution to practical reconciliation and empowerment is a fine example of a desire for justice for Australia’s First People.

Warm Regards and Blessings,

Kathy Johnston Education/Administration Officer


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