Activity Report 2014/2015

As I walked out the door as co-ordinator of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry for Victoria for the last time on the anniversary of the Opening the Doors Foundation 4th of August 2015, I couldn’t help but think about many great achievements over the 25 years as co-ordinator and the relationships and friendships that have been forged which I will cherish forever

One of the great moments has been the establishment of Opening the Doors Foundation fourteen years ago, It has developed into an incredible Foundation, putting the theory of reconciliation into practice by operating as a bi-cultural organisation, strengthened by strong representation from the Aboriginal community and the wider community as Trustees. It has been through committed engagement of all trustees, donors, staff and volunteers over the years that the OTDF has retained and built a strong position as a trusted, reliable and accessible Foundation in the broader Victorian Aboriginal community.

This year OTDF celebrates the achievement of a record number of over 83 Aboriginal students undertaking VCE/VET or VCAL studies. But we cannot measure success only by the number of graduates each year, as it’s the families who have struggled to break the inter-generational circle of unjust economic position through the loss of lands, racism, health, social and political outcomes who we also celebrate.

We cannot measure success by the amount of cash that has been raised / donated each year by, schools, parishes, loyal donors and partners. It’s about the engagement and relationship we have with each other, projecting a brighter future for the Foundation and stability for our families.

By remaining a trustee of the OTDF, I look forward to continuing to be the voice that brings deeper understanding, respect and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. I cannot thank the families enough for the incredible amount of trust they have bestowed on us which is absolutely priceless. I hope everyone enjoys this Activity Report and understands that their contribution is greatly appreciated.

Vicki Clark

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