Funding Partners

The Opening the Doors Foundation can only continue to offer education scholarships and grants into the future with the support of Donors, Supporters, Partners and Grants from other Trusts and Foundations. We are truly thankful in particular to those listed below who have supported the Foundation to continue to help Koorie families choose and successfully maintain an education for their children in an independent school.

St Vincent de Paul

Our long term partners, St Vincent de Paul continue to generously continue support us. At our Gala dinner in September 2008 Tony Tome, Deputy State President signed an agreement to support the Foundation until 2013. St Vincent de Paul officially began its partnership with the Foundation in 2004. The initial partnership was for a period of 5 years and was to fund the administration section of the Foundation with a portion of the annual Funding to be directed to students and families. Without this generosity, interest and support the Foundation would not have been able to develop its administration and build its financial base. As the administration of the Foundation is supported by St Vincent de Paul Society it allows all monies accumulated through fundraising to be allocated directly to students and families. The Foundation and the St Vincent de Paul Society are forming bonds and partnerships that will enrich and enhance both organisations.


Victorian Catholic Bishops

Since 2004 the Catholic Bishops of the four Victorian dioceses have provided strong financial support for the Foundation and continued to so in 201o. Such support is vital for our future and demonstrates true leadership and commitment to practical Reconciliation.

Portland House Foundation

Portland House Foundation began its partnership with the Opening the Doors Foundation in 2005 with a generous donation and the possibility of continuing partnership. In their letter to us, Portland House stated: “We are pleased to contribute to a program which offers assistance to young Indigenous Victorians to attain their best in their education. Thank you for your partnership with the Portland House Foundation. I look forward to hearing of your progress during the coming year and congratulate you on the work of your organisation.” Portland House Foundation continue their generous support in 2010/2011 with the offer of a very substantial grant. This is a great display of faith in the work of the Foundation by Portland House and the money will provide the opportunity for further development of the Foundation as well as ensure the continued support of young grant recipients throughout Victoria .

Merrin Foundation

We were delighted to receive a generous grant from the Merrin Foundation in 2008 which was distributed as part of our 2009 disbursements to students. The Merrin Foundation grant could not have come at a better time. This grant assisted the students and their families with the costs of: uniforms, books, camps, leadership opportunities, extra curricular activities and educational costs over and above the normal schedule of school fees. In 2010 the Merrin Foundation assisted the Foundation financially enabling us to offer Curriculum Extension Programs for the first time. Thus enabling 17 students who were offered a place on cultural immersion or LOTE (Languages Other Than English) excursions to participate in interstate or overseas experiences.

Genazzano FCJ College

Genazzano FCJ College have been partners of the Foundation hosting an annual fundraising event since 2007, in 2010 hosting our Birthday Celebration with Guest Speaker Bruce Pascoe.

Arnold Bloch Leibler – pro bono advice

Wilson Dilworth Foundation - supported through a generous donation

Cabrini - supported through a generous donation

Lord Mayors Charitable Fund - supported through a generous donation

Killen Foundation

Jack Brockhoff Foundation

Make a difference today by joining these wonderful partners and make a donation.