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2018 Activity Report

‘Hi my name is Jemma. I am 11 years old and in my last year at Primary School. I have written this letter to tell you how helpful and useful your program is’ read more in our latest Activity Report.

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Opening the Doors Activity Report 2015-16

On 4th August, 2016 Opening the Doors Foundation (OTDF) celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. What has been achieved over this period is a question I frequently ask myself as a Trustee? Founded to address the severe educational disadvantage being experienced by Aboriginal communities in Victoria by providing assistance to families to enable them to choose a [...]

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Activity Report 2014/2015

As I walked out the door as co-ordinator of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry for Victoria for the last time on the anniversary of the Opening the Doors Foundation 4th of August 2015, I couldn’t help but think about many great achievements over the 25 years as co-ordinator and the relationships and friendships that have been [...]

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Activity Report 2013/2014

Aboriginal leaders have been focusing efforts on the reduction of welfare dependency and increased self-reliance and pride for their people. The challenge in remote Aboriginal communities is enormous. Read more in our Activity Report 2014 For Aboriginal Communities in less remote regions where the bulk of the Indigenous families whose children are supported by the [...]

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Activity Report 2012/2013

It has been another successful year as we continue to grow and support even more students and families. We are now in our 12th year of operation and as you will see from the Activity Report we have been extremely busy. Over the years, we have developed a very close relationship with many of our [...]

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Activity Report 2011/2012

Each year, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children assisted by the Foundation continues to grow with 600 students receiving grants in 2012, totalling $339,000.This exemplifies just how great the need is. The horizon for addressing the entrenched educational disadvantage being experienced by Aboriginal families is brightening with the recently published Gonski Report [...]

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Activity report 2010-2011

The Foundation celebrated its tenth birthday on 4th August 2011, National Aboriginal Children’s Day. The occasion was marked by a celebratory evening generously hosted by Genazzano FCJ College and an Oration from Dr. Anita Heiss, an Indigenous Literacy Day Ambassador and a prolific author. Anita shared with those in attendance, the intriguing and captivating story [...]

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