Why Donate?
The Opening the Doors Foundation operates with the aid of a mix of funding from grants, donations, bequests, sponsorships, and fundraising.
Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Your Donation will be used to help the Foundation:
empower and support Aboriginal families to make choices in educational opportunities for their children;
help open the doors of independent educational institutions in Victoria for Aboriginal students; and
be a model of self-empowerment and self-determination by creating an organisation that responds directly to the needs of its own community.

Make a donation and help Aboriginal kids open the doors to independent education.

How your Donation Makes a Difference*:
$800 funds a secondary students booklist for a year;
$750 dresses a student in their winter uniform;
$500 covers extra tuition for VCAL subjects;
$450 provides a talented student with musical instruments and/or lessons;
$300 sends a student on school camp;
$200 purchases a calculator for a secondary student;
$100 provides a new pair of school or gym shoes;
$80 supplies a student with a new school bag;
$20 buys a school hat.
*examples only