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Thanks for your interest in donating to The Opening the Doors Foundation. Any contribution no mater how small will help Aboriginal Kids open the doors so please give generously.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

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Make a monthly donation to help us continue supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.
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Leave a Bequest
Leave the Foundation a lasting legacy through a bequest. If you are considering making a bequest you can update or make a Will with the advice of a solicitor using a similar paragraph as follows:

“I bequeath [the whole/a percentage/something specific/residue] of my estate to Opening the Doors Foundation of 434 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071 for purposes that it shall determine, and this bequest will be free from all duties. The receipt of this bequest by any authorised officer of Opening the Doors Foundation shall form valid discharge to my executor.”

It is always advised to seek legal advice when adjusting a Will as it is a legal document.

Donate Your Time
Another great way to support the education of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s is to volunteer your time to the Foundation.

We operate with minimal staff which enables more funds for students, if you have experience in the following areas and would like to volunteer your time please contact us:

  • Funding Grant Submission Writing
  • Marketing experience
  • Event Organisation
  • Corporate Relations experience
  • Raffles
  • General computer skills
  • MySQL experience

The Foundation also has dedicated Volunteer Support Group which meet monthly and assist with coordinating mail-outs and small events. If you would like to volunteer with the Foundation we would like to hear from you, please contact us.