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Starr's Story

"Starr's attendance and attitude about her education has greatly improved in 2020. So much so, she was awarded the "Baw Baw Shire Award" for contributing to school life, participating in activities, receiving successful results and exhibiting responsible citizenship skills. Starr has improved in all areas, working hard on her physical and mental health and aiming to achieve the best she can in her education. Starr's award has been her huge achievement.


Starr is eager to start year 11 VCE and undertake VET at TAFE. The Foundation grant contributes to Starr's achievements and Starr is aware of the support she gets and greatly appreciates it.

Starr experience several difficulties/obstacles in 2019 however in 2020 she managed to overcome them all. Starr is and has been working at being the best she can be. The school has assisted along the way, and Starrs efforts have been rewarded and acknowledged by the school with the award she won. We are very grateful for the assistance received and have always found the grant helpful"

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