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You are invited to celebrate our 20th birthday with us

Over the past 20 years Opening The Doors Foundation has supported over 3000 Aboriginal students to reach for their dreams! 

You are invited to a very special launch of a short film featuring past and present families supported by the Foundation. Come along to hear their stories.


The film will be live streamed from this webpage on 4th August at 9:30am.

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The Foundation supports the extra costs associated with schooling for Aboriginal students around Victoria. These costs not otherwise funded from government or other educational funding sources, such as school uniforms, books, school camps and other school associated costs.

The Foundation is Aboriginal led and listens to the diverse needs of Victorian Aboriginal families. We know that families know the educational needs of their children and private a safe support system to establish self determination

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"The program is a great assistance to many including ourselves who are a one working parent family. It is a great relief with the cost of school which is greatly appreciated."

"Opening The Doors is doing a great job in supporting Koorie youth to stay at school and get the best education possible."

"I am grateful for these grants for our children and the kind people who donate to them, If it was not for the Opening The Doors Foundation, I would really struggle with school costs. So thank you very much!"

"The Foundation's grant allowed us to purchase all of his books, stationery, and uniforms to make it easier for Max to undertake his current year level. The grant is excellent and allows us to give our children a better opportunity to strive and achieve results and feel comfortable doing it."

"Ellie has enjoyed her first year of secondary school. It was a big leap from primary school to Secondary School and in particular the academic leap into an Independent school. We gratefully thank Opening The Doors Foundation for your assistance with books and uniforms to make the transition so much easier for Ellie and far less stressful for us, her parents!"


Your Donation will be used to help the Foundation empower and support Aboriginal families. 

You can make a one of or regular donation OR make donations through our Workplace Giving Program.

No matter how big or how small, your contribution helps keeps the doors open.

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