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Our Story

The Opening the Doors Foundation is an Aboriginal-led community organisation supporting educational opportunities for Aboriginal children. The Foundation enables Aboriginal students to participate fully and equally in education, and supports their families to make their own choices about their children’s future. The Foundation believes that consistent support to self determination are key to raising dreams and aspirations of the next generation.

It is the intention of the Opening the Doors Foundation that the Indigenous youth of Victoria will be proud of what it does in offering them an educational opportunity that will make a real and tangible diffierence in their lives.

Educational opportunities are realised by meeting the costs of uniforms, school books, IT equipment, stationary and more. By providing support and being led by the wishes of families and on the ground Aboriginal support networks, students are able to attend the school of their choice, with correct uniform and equipment. This is vital to the self esteem of our young ones.

The achievement of a successful and culturally appropriate academic experience allows the potential to radically alter the systemic and generational disadvantage currently being experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This film was created with the support of Brotherhood of St Lawrence

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