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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Hat.png

Spread joy to your community this Christmas time, and help us support ours.

Every ornament supports Aboriginal children in education preparing for school. 

Here's what your purchase can help us achieve...

1 ornament          We can buy a school hat for a student

2 ornaments        We can buy stationary, exercise books and pencil cases for a family

3 ornaments        We can buy a maths calculator for a Secondary School student

4 ornaments        We can support a student with the costs of school camp

5 ornaments        We can support a student with the costs of VET/VCAL

6 ornaments        We can buy a full sports uniform for a student

7 ornaments        We can buy stationary and books for up to 3 Secondary School students

8 ornaments        We can buy a school bag

9 ornaments        We can buy school shoes for a student

10 ornaments      We can buy uniforms for up to 2 Primary School students

11 ornaments      We can buy a blazer for a Secondary School students


Take the Christmas Pack pledge

You’ll receive 12 Christmas ornaments to sell or gift in your school, workplace or community. If you purchase...


1 Christmas Pack    We can support a full booklist for a VET/VCAL student

2 Christmas Packs  We can buy their complete uniform when a Year 7 begins at a new school

3 Christmas Packs  We can buy a laptop for a family, to enable them to do homework and school work

By taking the pledge, your community can support the Foundation and you can spread Christmas cheer.

We acknowledge the fantastic support of these groups which have taken the Christmas Pack Pledge in 2022

St Joseph's Primary School Cobram

Latrobe University

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry of Victoria

Click on the images below to purchase an ornament or Christmas Pack online.


       CLICK HERE TO ADD TO BAG           

If you wish to pay using cash or cheque, complete the order form below and return to:

Opening The Doors Foundation
PO Box 1088,
Thornbury VIC 3071

Click the button to download the Christmas ornament order form.
The purchase of these ornaments is not tax deductible as a donation to charity.

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