Applications for educational assistance in 2022 are closed


The grant application round for 2023 will open in October 2022 and close in March 2023


  • The Applicant must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

  • The Applicant must be enrolled in a Catholic or Independent educational institution located within the State boundaries of Victoria.

  • The Applicant can only submit one regular grant per year.

  • First time applicants must provide a Confirmation of Aboriginality Certificate.

  • The progress report must be completed by applicants who have received a grant from the Foundation in the past.

  • Applications will only be accepted on the official Application Form and ALL SECTIONS MUST be completed.

  • Applications will not be accepted after the closing date - 8th April 2022


A Confirmation of Aboriginality certificate must be submitted the first time any student applies for a grant from the foundation. After the first year, we keep it in our files so you will not need to submit the certificate again in the future.


If you do not have a certificate, contact 1300 236356 or




  • The Foundation will not accept any forms which do not meet all application requirements.

  • The Foundation will alert the parent/guardian/carer if all requirements have not been met.

  • An application cannot be altered once it is sent unless it does not meet all criteria.

  • The Foundation strives to disburse grants as quickly as possible for the convenience of families - allow at least 2 weeks for the application to be processed.

  • Items already purchased CANNOT be reimbursed.

  • Successful applications are approved by the Board of Trustees. The approved grant amount is final and cannot be changed after approval.

Our staff and volunteers strive to make the applications as easy as possible for all applicants. We also appreciate feedback that will help us ensure that we can continue to effectively support Aboriginal education.


In 2021, the foundation set up a help desk to provide more support to families. The help desk also helps us to direct your call to the best person for your query.

If you have questions about the grant payment process contact John at or 0403 330 733.

If you would like to know how much your application has been processed contact Brigid at or

0401 487 414.

If you would like to deliver a complaint or compliment contact a Trustee at 1300 236356 and press 5