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Our Vision

We are a First Nations community organisation responding to the call of First Nations families who want to make a choice to nurture educational opportunities for their children in non-government schools.

Opening The Doors Foundation was established in 2000 by a small group of First Nations and non-First Nations people answering the desires of First Nations families from across Victoria. These voices were telling us of their hardship and the difficulties experienced in choosing the most appropriate education for their children. With our vision set, we supported 32 First Nations students to reach their potential in the first year and now supports up to 1000 students a year - and many students have journeyed with us from Prep to Year 12. It is the only First Nations organisation that supports a child throughout their entire13-year educational journey. Our vision is to continue to amplify the voices of First Nations families and support them in choosing the most appropriate education for their children. We will continue to invest in the educational journey of First Nations children, building the capacity of our families to dream.

We Recognise

  • The ongoing need to support and encourage First Nations Families and their children to achieve positive educational outcomes

  • That those positive educational experiences build personal capacity in First Nations students for a brighter future in further education and employment

We Acknowledge


Number of

Students supported

* Our Ancestors Elders, communities and families who have educated our children since the beginning of time. The depth, beauty and strength of our culture continues to be passed on. The knowledge of each generation carries forward one of the oldest living cultures on earth.

*The donors that have enabled the Opening The Doors Foundation to make a small but effective contribution to the lives of the children we support.

*We pay tribute to the educators, schools and organisations working to create culturally safe and supportive learning environments that empower every First Nations child to reach their potential.

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