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I have a very special request.  Thank you for your generous donations at this end of financial year period.  We are so grateful to your support and really appreciate your contributions to First Nations students.  I would like for you to additionally consider becoming a regular on-going monthly Impact Member of OTDF. We require regular assistance to support First Nations students throughout their education journey from Prep to Year 12. Every dollar (even a small amount every month), helps us to reassure families we are with them. OTDF has received an unprecedented number of grant applications with 33% growth. Overall, in Victoria in 2024 we have funded 1085 student grants compared with 817 in 2021. The increased demand for support is due to the cost-of-living crisis placing extra demands on family budgets and a growing awareness of OTDF’s role in helping First Nations families self-determine their education. Due to the extra 268 student grants, OTDF incurred a financial deficit. The current intention is to ‘keep the doors open’ to all applications in 2025, however this could result in a large deficit if new funding is not achieved. Unfortunately, this would mean ‘closing some doors’ of the student grant program for the first time since OTDF was established 24 years ago. It is imperative we continue to be able to support students for the duration of their education journey and ensure they are supported until the completion of their schooling.  

Our success would not be possible without you. Together, we have created a network of change-makers who are shaping a brighter future for First Nations children. Thank you for considering this request, your ongoing support, your dedication to our mission and your belief in the power of education to change lives.

Vicki Clark OAM, Chair and Co-founder OTDF

As a non-government funded charity, the Foundation relies on donations from the community to open the doors to opportunity for First Nations students. The more funds raised, the more support we are able to provide for First Nations students in their education. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

All information you provide will remain confidential in line with our Privacy Policy.

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