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Caitlyn's Story

"My daughter, Caitlyn is perfect example of how assisting Aboriginal kids to be educated pays it forward to the improvement of society as a whole and especially next generation. Caitlyn is currently studying Bachelor of Psych & Criminology with focus on Social Inequality for Indigenous Community Legally. Her tutor told her last week she is currently in top 10 percent. I’m so incredibly proud of her. It’s been massive relief of guilt l felt having no money, as we’ve been serving on my disability pension.


Mums can brag can’t they? l wish l could tell Caitlyns lecturer/tutor in Indigenous Entrepreneurship & leadership studies she is a proud Nukunu woman. She’s worried it looks like she’s after favouritism in eyes of other students. It’s a third yr subject but via her Law Studies she hopes to have influence in changing political policies in health & legal discrimination you need powerful in influential pressure groups. Or for society’s views to be increasingly positive about our Nations First People successful businesses specialising in indigenous products/services/art culture. Cheers"

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