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Joel's Story


"Joel is doing really well in this school, and has made lasting friendships.  He's enjoying sports'athletics and science, and still sees his friends from primary school.  He says he's happy at this school and feels he has had a good yer, loved doing the athletics training.  I want to thank you for your assistanc in the past few years, as it has made a big difference to my children's lives.  Thank you, I am very grateful.

I can see Joel coming out of his shell this year, and his real potential is shining through, despite all that our family has been through.


"Joel found it hard this year being in lockdown and to study online. He is ending the year doing really well despite this. The school really tried to focus on the wellbeing of each student this year. Joel struggled with not being able to be outdoors as much, playing sports at school and not being physically around his friends.

I see my children growing spiritually, emotionally and in who they are. Seeing them happy at this school and being confident in achieving what they are passionate about is really amazing and your STDF has contributed to all this by helping to enable them to access the books, uniforms IT they need for each school year. Thank You.

I felt a lot of pressure in not being able to fully provide for Joel's older brother and sisters' school, as I never applied for any assistance back them. This assistance now has made a big difference to both Joel and Karla's' experience at school and to mine as a parent. 

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