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Kiara's Story

“2020 was a challenging year due to the global pandemic and Melbourne experiencing more than 7 months in lockdown. Kiara has spent the majority of the year learning remotely from home. She has not been able to enjoy the extra curricular activities such as camps, tours, music and sport. Despite this disappointment Kiara has continued to focus on her studies and produce excellent academic results. Kiara is currently preparing for her end of year exams and is looking forward to commencing VCE next year.

In 2020 is that Kiara has remained focused and optimistic. She has shown independence, initiative and responsibility. She has strengthened her self-management skills and remained engaged throughout what has been a most difficult year. 

Kiara missed out on many opportunities this year due to the pandemic. She was most looking forward to attending a 3 week induction on Country in WA. She was also very sad not to play summer and winter sport.

We continue to express our appreciation and gratitude to OTDF for their ongoing support. Last year our family has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. I have lost my job and we are struggling to make ends meet. The grant we receive from OTDF will hopefully allow Kiara to finish her schooling and prevent us moving her to a state school for her final years of secondary school.”

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