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Michael's Story

"During 2020 I have seen a huge improvement on Michael's confidence levels. He has worked hard to improve on his reading and writing.

This year we were able to use the grant money to purchase a Chromebook to be used for homework. It came in perfect timing as covid hit and homeschooling began. I was very fortunate that my children were able to continue with on-site learning however Michael's after school tutoring became an online activity that he was able to complete at his own pace. If we did not have the chrome book it would be a rushed stressful situation completed at my work on the computer. Michael's dedication through this time was shown with a huge improvement in his reading and writing. He very much enjoys his homework time and using the Chromebook to complete school work which has brought back his confidence with school.

I feel like Michael is being supported at school to improve in areas he needs help. It has been a difficult year for everybody but I feel like they have done a great job in supporting he and I. His teacher was very understanding when it came to his out-of-school tutoring. She allowed him to concentrate on his tutoring rather than her set homework and this was a huge help so that he did not feel overwhelmed with studies. This in turn helped him focus and make huge improvements.

I am very thankful for the grants program as it allows me to give my children a catholic education without the extra worries of how to afford it. I feel the extra religious studies benefit their understanding of the world around them." 

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