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As a non-government funded charity, the Foundation relies on donations from the community to open the doors to opportunity for Aboriginal students. Every donation to the Opening The Doors Foundation supports Aboriginal decision-making around education led by Aboriginal families, so please give generously. The more funds raised, the more support we are able to provide for Aboriginal students in their educational endeavours. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Donate Online
With the help of our friends at GiveNow you can now donate online.



Make a Donation
Make a once off, monthly or even a yearly donation to the Foundation. Your kind donation will help us to continue supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a regular donor.

Leave a Bequest
Leave the Foundation a lasting legacy through a bequest. If you are considering making a bequest you can update or make a Will with the advice of a solicitor using a similar paragraph as follows* :

“I bequeath [the whole/a percentage/something specific/residue] of my estate to Opening the Doors Foundation of 434 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071 for purposes that it shall determine, and this bequest will be free from all duties. The receipt of this bequest by any authorised officer of Opening the Doors Foundation shall form valid discharge to my executor.”

* Note: - It is always advised to seek legal advice when adjusting a Will as it is a legal document.


Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a program where employees can make donations to the charity of their choice through their workplace. Employers can choose to match the donation or make their own contribution. Workplace Giving increases company morale, aligns the work of companies and employees with their social values, and increases donations from the one source as workplaces donate together. Taking part in a Workplace Giving program is totally voluntary. 

 If your workplace has a Workplace Giving program in place, request Opening The Doors Foundation as a recipient option. Let us know if your workplace would like to set up Workplace Giving or would like to add Opening The Doors Foundation to the existing program.



Support the education of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s by volunteering your time to the Foundation. We have a small dedicated team of volunteers who help us out. 


In the lead up to NAIDOC Week, you can take part in our walk-a-thon by setting up you own team.
















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