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The Ross Family Trust

The Ross Family Trust supports Aboriginal families and students of OTDF attending schools in the Gippsland region. 

The Trust enables young people in Victoria by giving them equitable access to education, so they can complete their secondary schooling regardless of their circumstances.

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Bank of Melbourne Foundation

The Bank of Melbourne Foundation supports students of OTDF attending schools in the Bendigo region. 

The Bank of Melbourne Foundation supports projects that will improve the lives of children and young people experiencing disadvantage in Victoria.

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Equity Trustees

OTDF's partnership with Equity Trustees spans two years. Equity Trustees provide exceptional support to OTDF in acquiring funding from a range of philanthropic institutions with the aim of accruing long-term funding. 


The Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese

The Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese provides financial support for OTDF, specifically for Aboriginal students in Catholic education within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Most recently, the Archdiocese has provided support through the Archbishop's Charitable Fund.

The Archdiocese has also promoted OTDF throughout the Catholic church across religious congregations and schools since the inception of OTDF in 2001, demonstrating a commitment to reconciliation within the Archdiocese.


The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry of Victoria

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry of Victoria (ACM) is a branch of the Catholic Church in Victoria which embeds reconciliation in the Victorian Catholic Church. The ACM is a vital part of the Victorian Catholic landscape and educates schools, students, parishes and staff of the four Catholic Diocese of Victoria. OTDF was born out of the ACM in 2001.

In 2011, the ACM launched the FIRE Carriers Program. The FIRE Carriers Program incorporates reconciliation into Victorian Catholic schools and establishes regional networks of schools to support each other in this endeavour. FIRE Carrier schools fundraise for OTDF annually. 

Opening The Doors Foundation acknowledges the support of the following partners. These supporters allow the Foundation to provide substantial support for Aborigiginal families across Victoria.

Anthony Costa Foundation

Funds from the Anthony Costa Foundation support students of OTDF attending schools in the Geelong region.

The Anthony Costa Foundation is a charitable foundation established to support the Philanthropy of the Anthony and Robert Costa families. The Foundation seeks to make a positive impact in the communities where the families live and work and focuses on the issues of education, health, social welfare, community housing and development in arts and culture.

Lord Mayors Charitable Fund_edited.png

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

The Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation has supported OTDF through the Youth in Philanthropy program since 2004. Youth in Philanthropy partners with schools from across Melbourne so that students have the opportunity to participate in the philanthropic process. In the 2021 school year, Mac Robertson Girls’ High School is supporting students of OTDF through the  Youth in Philanthropy program.

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Magistrates Court of Victoria

The Opening the Doors Foundation has received funding from both the Court Fund and Court Diversion Funds since 2008. The Victorian Magistrates Court continues to be a steady and valued partner of Opening the Doors Foundation. In recent years more and more Court Houses have added OTDF to the Court Diversion Funds.

The Perpetual Foundation

In 2022, the Perpetual Foundation supported three focueses of Opening The Doors Foundation grants. They are students in Healesville, students' IT needs and helping the Foundation to secure more funds.

The Prepetual Foundation focuses on improving outcomes in localised communities.

The Noel and Carmel Family Foundation

The Noel and Carmel Family Foundation supports a range of school costs for students of OTDF, from across Victoria. The Foundation began supporting OTDF in 2020, before students felt the full effects of COVID-19. This funding has been particularly valuable to the families of OTDF in this past year as many have experienced added financial pressure.

The Noel and Carmel Family Foundation Foundation directs funds specifically towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as overseas communities, refugees and asylum seekers and people at risk of homelessness or who are experiencing homelessness.

The Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation

The Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation has been a considerable partner of the Opening The Doors Foundation since 2014. In this time, they have funded uniforms and IT equipment for year 7 students. In 2021 The Foundation is funding year 7 uniforms exclusively, which make up a considerable need of students of OTDF. Year 7 is an important time in a student's development, and being prepared for the school year enables students to feel a part of their school community.. 

The Killen Family Foundation

The Killen Family Foundation has provided consistent support to students of OTDF since 2011, making this year a decade of support for Aboriginal families. OTDF greatly appreciates this long-term and committed support.

The Merrin Foundation

The Merrin Foundation has been a valued partner of OTDF since 2008. Funds from The Merrin Foundation, have been used for the costs of camps and excursions for students of OTDF.


In 2017, the Merrin Foundation terminated and disbursed funds to partners such as OTDF. In honour of the long commitment of the Merrin Foundation, the Curriculum Extension Program (CEP) was established to disburse funds provided by the Merrin Foundation. CEP grants specifically supported the cost of excursions on Country, for the purpose of learning languages and other educational trips. 

L Arthur Pty Ltd

L Arthur Pty Ltd has been a dedicated supporter of OTDF since 2002. Their generous support has been used for a variety of school cost for students of OTDF. 

Arnold Bloch Leibler

Arnold Bloch Leibler has provided por bono legal advice and assistance since 2005. OTDF is extremely appreciative of this practical supoport in legal matters.

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